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Current job opening: Character Designer

Job Title: Character Designer / Concept Artist

Job Type: Freelance (paid per artwork)

Level of Expertise: Middle to Senior

Location: Remote

We seek a freelance character designer (concept artist) to create 2D characters through multiple design iterations.
The project is a sci-fi visual novel game. The style needed is a blend of anime and Western-style character art.

Total characters needed 5-8.
The design process would include starting with 3 concepts. In 3-5 rounds of revisions, we will ask you to explore the different parts of the character (build, outfit, hair, face) then follow a direction, and refine your idea. The final deliverable will include a turnaround and 5 expressions.

A qualifying candidate will be given a character design skill check test: one colored sketch of a front view of a character to design based on 10 lines of text. (Unpaid)

Skills and requirements:

  • Experience with character designs through iterations is required
  • Excellence with anatomy, drawing, and painting 2D characters, especially men;
  • Ability to produce AA quality art;
  • Ability to work with an art brief and feedback;
  • Ability to work in the style we need (a blend of anime and Western-style art);
  • Being comfortable with LGBT+ and sexual themes (some of the characters you design WILL be shown naked and in action!)

Apply with your portfolio here > (provide male character design examples).

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