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The Symbiant Re:Union

Take a deep dive into Danya’s and Brahve’s heat and romance in The Symbiant Re:Union. The events take place after two Endings of The Symbiant’s main game.

[The following description contains spoilers for the previous game The Symbiant]



The first story will transport you to the planet of Cayama, where in the main game Brahve finds Danya in the spaceport and confesses his love to him. What happened to the Odarian in the last two years and why is he so set on getting Danya back after breaking up with him? And where in the world is the Symbiant?

In the second story with our love birds you visit Odaria, Brahve’s homeworld where the team meets his cousin. This story takes place after the happiest ending in the main game. You’ll get a chance to explore the luxurious hot spring resort, as well as the surrounding forest nearby, and experience some exquisite one-on-one times with Brahve.

Exotic forests, board games with friends, and torrid intimate moments between the two men await in this fun-packed adventure on a new alien planet!




  • Cayama story: 17.5K words
  • Odaria story: 19.5K words
  • Approx 3 hours of play
  • 22 CGs (not counting variations)
  • Full English voice-over
  • Dialogue Choices
  • Original soundtracks
  • Optional (FREE) Adult Patch

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